Events and Conventions

The Mill is a convention hall for special events and occasions, located right in the center of Jerusalem. It can comfortably host a group of 140-160 people, with a most luxurious and exquisite style.  The Mill’s unique design fits the antique Jerusalem atmosphere in which it is located. With a special ancient Jerusalem scene transforming the event into a special and unforgettable one, “The Mill” will upgrade your special event one notch higher.


The hall was constructed with the purpose of creating a unique, one of a kind and luxurious atmosphere for your event. The hall is entered through an impressive, lavishly decorated lobby. The hall itself is beautifully designed with an emphasis on a unique ancient Jerusalem experience – bringing a wide range of Anglo-Saxon customers from Israel and abroad, to a one-of-a-kind experience-with style!

Perfect place for conventions and gatherings

Especially suited for boutique and promotional events, cocktail or social parties, press conferences, etc. We offer tailored-to-the-occasion services, with a special menu fitting the type of event being held.


We also offer professional guidance for every step of the planning, and of course we are there, at your service, on the day of the event.

Perfect for any occasion

“The Mill” is perfect for any occasion: Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Brit Mila (Circumcision), small weddings, Sheva Brachot, Shabbat Chattan, and all other events you want to make extra-special.

“The Mill” is located in the tourist spot of Jerusalem and for that matter- of all of Israel- being close to numerous infamous tourist, historic, and holy sites, as well as many luxury hotels in the area. It is just a 15 minute walk from the Western Wall and the Old City (a 5 minute ride). It is especially convenient for a celebratory morning or afternoon meal after a Bar Mitzvah Ceremony at the Western Wall.

Who Can Party Like Us? Nobody!